Meet Toby!

This absolutely adorable little guy is one of my favorite stories. His mom contacted me on Instagram about his reactivity to other dogs, and felt that he would probably not ever be able to be in a pack hike environment. After just one in-home session with them, I had him going on hikes, and he’s been a consistent member of the pack ever since! With the help of his rescue mom, he’s been coming out of his shell more and more, and even has his own following on Instagram! I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of this sweet guy’s new life. He’s really a special dude (and looks better in my hat than I do!)

Testimonial from his human: Cara is amazing! We are so happy to have found her! I was nervous because of my little rescue dog’s leash reactivity but after an initial intro training session, she assured us that Toby would be OK once he got some confidence. Well, we’ve been going on hikes for a little while now and there is some serious improvement in his behavior. He’s doing so much better and friends/neighbors have also commented on how well he’s doing. We are so grateful to Cara and Toby’s new-found furry forest buddies!