Meet Posy!

Ugh. Posy. The sweetest, softest little angel pie cocker spaniel you will ever know! She is a COMPLETE sweetheart. Every dog loves her, every human loves her, and she’s just a gentle and pure bundle of love and sunshine. I adore having her in my life, and my pack, every week!

Testimonial from Posy’s human (as Posy): My name is Posy, I am a one year old cocker spaniel part of the Furry Forest Friend’s pack. I love my big adventure in the woods with my buddies, and Cara teaches me tricks and manners. My humans love when I come home and I’m ready to snuggle and nap with them for the rest of the afternoon. I wag my tail when I see the leash come out of the basket in the morning, I know it must be my favorite day!