Meet Polly!

Polly is a gentle, sensitive, and AMAZING little forest fairy! From day one, she has completely stolen my heart. She’s warm, shy, happy to please, and all the dogs feel at ease around her. Every time I pick her up, she greets me with a major snuggle, and I feel so lucky to be able to spend every week with her.

Testimonials from her humans: Since having our baby (8.5 months now), our child #1 (labradoodle) has had significantly less exercise and attention. She’s typically a fairly well-trained, calm animal but after months of lack-of-activity, she has begun generally just causing trouble (for good reason).

We looked around for a little while at a number of local walkers, but none were very appealing as they’d just walk around the block and not offer a ton of extra stimulation or training. A friend referred us to Cara, and was a great fit from the get-go. She really cares for the pups and works to understand their personalities and offer the best stimulation and setting she can.

Love that she intentionally builds “packs” based on your dog’s personality, and based on any behavioral issues reported. Love that she takes ’em on real hikes so they can grab sticks along the way, etc. And an added benefit is that Polly (said labradoodle) is getting regular indirect on-leash and pack training.

We can totally tell the difference with Polly on a weekly basis, and look forward to our scheduled Wednesday sessions.