Mr. C

Meet Mr. C!

Mr. C (aka Cooper), is one handsome daschund mix, with a large and robust personality! He takes his job as protector of the car very seriously, and assumes his position in my passenger seat every week (where he is usually falling asleep sitting up). Mr. C is also one of my very long-standing doggy clients, and more like family at this point. I work with him and his humans weekly during our in-home training sessions, and it’s been such an amazing process watching their whole pack dynamic change and grow together. He is entirely devoted to the humans he loves, and I am lucky enough to be one of them!

Testimonial from Mr. C’s humans: We have a rescue dog who is really afraid of people. There has been only 3 people he has taken to immediately and Cara is one of them. Her calm and confident demeanor reassured our crazy little dog immediately and he loves going on walks with her. She has also helped us with training, showing us how to provide Coops with clear direction to help him know what to do in situations that make him afraid or anxious. Her approach to training focuses on our reaction to the outbursts, and how by reacting differently ourselves and asking Cooper for a different behavior, we can help him relax and let us be in charge. This makes continuing the work after our sessions really easy to incorporate into our daily life, and it’s working! We are finally seeing real progress, it isn’t over night, but he is reacting to the outside less, and beginning to look to us for cues on what to do when someone comes to the door. Cooper absolutely loves to be with Cara, and we trust her completely to take good care of him and make sure he gets the exercise he needs.