Meet Frankie!

Frankie is such a character! He’s a mini-poodle who is so fun, spirited, and SMART. He has tons of energy, and gets so excited for his hikes that I can hear him barking the second I park my car! (That’s how smart he is… he just knows!) He can go on any day, with any pack, and he always gets along with everyone. He’s my little buddy, and always makes me smile.

Testimonial from his human: I can’t say enough about Cara & her passion for dogs! My small 3 year old pooch has been hiking with her and the gang for a couple of months with her smaller dog group (The Littles). Every Tuesday she comes right on time (rain or shine) to pick him up, then brings him home on schedule. I know from the short videos that he had a bit of fun in the rain and occasionally a little mud but he always comes home clean & dry.

What I especially appreciate is Cara’s skill in working with behavior issues which was a bonus I didn’t expect. My little guy has never walked well on a leash and after just his first hike he had greatly improved! Now he walks perfectly with me on leash. She knows how to work with individual behaviors and always does a home visit to meet the dog & learn about any quirks that she can address. It’s made a world of difference for me and Frankie & my enjoyment in our daily walks.

Frankie knows when it’s hiking day and waits for her coming down the walk. I feel so blessed to have found Furry Forest Friends and especially Cara.