Meet Dino!

Dino is a lover of puddles, sniffing all the trees, and walking as fast as his little legs can take him. He’s a border collie/corgi mix, and has the most adorable combo of short legs with extra large bat ears! He easily gets along with every dog he meets, and is majorly stoked to get out in the forest with me every week.

Testimonial from Dino’s humans: Both my partner and I work full-time and don’t get out with our Dino as much in the winter when the days are shorter. Cara makes my dog’s week.  Dino knows when Wednesday comes around, it is time for his hike.  He gets so excited, and is eager to go.  And, he is always tired when he returns.  Cara is experienced, confident, professional, and kind.  My dog loves her and I trust her implicitly with him.  I highly recommend her services.